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5th MENTAL HEALTH Conference / Zagreb-Croatia

A LIVE-Video of the key note from 2nd October 2021, which was part of this Congress 2021 and was held as an online speech.

The topics Prof. Weiss was talking about are the four basic human competences: «Creativity – Individuation – Basic Trust – Intuition«.

The International, Easterneuropean Congress, this year for the 5th time, took place in ZAGBREB/Croatia.


This Conference is getting more and more important, because:

The Mental Health In The Centre of Interest

At this International Congress, people of all faculties within the health branche and sciences interact and discuss newest trends and methods. Their goal is it to gain the awareness of the interaction between thoughts and reality and provide this to a broad audience. In the centre of interest there is mental health. How this can be protected and ensured with the Trilogos®Method stimulated, sustained and healed. Scientists discover more and more the connection of »mental Health-Care« and life qualitity: 

For the fourth year in a row, TRILOGOS Foundation and especially the TRILOGOS Method was featured and presented at this international, multi-day event. a.o. Prof. Dr. Michael Weiss from Oslo (Philosopher and educational scientist, Trilogos Diploma) took part for the second time at the congress and he explained the Trilogos Method. First as a theoretical part he presented and featured it along with a TRILOGOS Poster.

In his this year´s key note Prof. Weiss explained : «Creativity – Individuation – Urvertrauen – Intuition« from the view of modern psychological and educational science.

With his speech he represented the TRILOGOS Foundation at the Conference, which we are very gratefull for. At the end of the speech you will listen to the Teaser-Informations in accordance to the 4 bespoken human key-abilities «Creativity – Individuation – Basic Trust – Intuition«.

These following Teaser-Videos are part of the Audio-Books.

Author: Linda Vera Roethlisberger
Spoken by Terry Collins NY/USA

On top of it you find the free training module from the TRILOGOS Method at the end of the Video:

Exercise Tree and Obstacle 32 Minutes / a guided Imagery


CREATIVITY: Power of Change

INDIVIDUATION - on the Path to and beyond one´s self



We really hope you will find a lot of individual Insights for yourself.
May it be through deep reflection of these four basic human competences we presented and 
also with our excercise which can bring you even more gifts for you every day life.



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