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Online - IN TOUCH WITH YOUR INNER VOICE / Level 1 / in 6 courses

We wanted to make Linda Vera Roethlisbergers available to all the interested people who are trying to find their sense of live. 
All 6 courses are now available from the workbook IN TOUCH WITH YOUR INNER VOICE / Level 1

All courses of Linda Roethlisbergers eLearning program you can finde online on the internet learning platform:


Links of the 6 Courses to e-learning platform  

Course 1:   The ABC of the TRILOGOS®Method    


Course 2:   Telepathy – intuitive perception  


Course 3:   Intuitive inner-sensory seeing and hearing 


Course 4:   The aura – gate to our soul



Course 5:   Channeling   


Course 6:   Bringing mind and matter into harmony



The guided imageries of these English Language Versions were professionally recorded by the US-American native speaker, Mrs. Terry Collins, in a recording studio in Zurich. Terry´s warm and pleasant voice is an enrichment for our mediumistic journeys and gently guides lerners along their path towards gaining competence in being human.


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