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How to integrate spirituality into Western culture

Film-Interview with Native American J. Reuben Silverbird / 2006

Here we would like to introduce an Interview to you which was recorded in 2006 by Michael Weiss with the ‚Native American’ J. Reuben Silverbird.

In this Interview they talked about the question: how spirituality can be integrated into Western culture.

This Talk seems also to be very fascinating for the reflection about the question, if a global spirituality is possible at all without merging or surrender the variety of culturell movements.
Yet -so J. Reuben Silverbirt mentioned-, "there is always a solution". And who knows, may be the solution is exactly there where all of us adopt the complete responsibility for our spiritual orientation. That means to take it seriously and simultaneously to respekt the orientation of all the other people too. Then, so it seems, Inspiration in its real meaning is possible.



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