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Interview: TRILOGOS with Organizer of International Mental Health Conference/SIBIU (2020)

Rosmarie Gampe (TRILOGOS) with Mihail Pirlog (MHASEE)



An Interview with Rosmarie Gampe / TRILOGOS (Organization) and Mihail Pirlog Organizer and Initiator of the Congress of MHASEE, it took place in Novembre 2020:

The Interview is about the  4th International Conference of Mental Health in SIBIU/Romania,

where the TRILOGOS Foundation participated for the third time in a row. In this dialogue they reviewed the passed Conference and answered the question of its origin and how it increased within the last 4 years.

This Interview (English) was recorded between:

 Rosmarie Gampe/TRILOGOS (Organization) and     
Kongress-Organizator Mihail Pirlog MHASEE/Sibiu in Novembre 2020.

We the TRILOGOS Team want to say thank you to Mihail Pirlog for this great commitment!

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