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of the TRILOGOS series »Interview Pearls« 2018

an Interview with: Prof. Dr. phil. Michael Noah Weiss
recorded in the former facilities of Sigmund Freud / Vienna 2018

In order to present the Trilogos®Method with its educational approach and its possibilities for personal individuation, we must first ask ourselves: “What do we actually mean by education?”

In this roughly 5-minute video, Prof. Dr. Michael Noah Weiss describes the original meaning of education, which was considered to be a process of maturation, transformation or individuation, as established by the ancient Greek philosophers Socrates and Plato. Plato’s much-cited allegory of the cave serves to draw an unsurpassed image of what an individual might encounter when embarking on the path of human development, or individuation.

The allegory describes the status of every human being in their ACTUAL state and shows what “humanness” means when we “outgrow ourselves.”

We humans can bring this about actively and with the help of a suitable method, such as the Trilogos®Method.


moderated / produced by Stefanie Sixt
on behalf of the Trilogos Foundation

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The Trilogos Foundation has laid out the basics of the Trilogos®Method in its standard reference work In Touch With Your Inner Voice, Level 1, by Linda Vera Roethlisberger, in six self-guided course units.

The work is available in German and English on the learning platform

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