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Michael Noah Weiss | LIFE EXPERIENCE

of the TRILOGOS series »Interview Pearls« 2018

Interview with Prof. Dr. phil Michael Noah Weiss
Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna 2018
Within 5 Minutes Prof. Dr. phil Michael Noah Weiss is explaining the major question of how the experiences of us human beings in our everyday life can be transformed into wisdom for life?
The Trilogos®Method is showing a path of how "through" oneself can be learned something most important "about" oneself: discover it - name it - discover it - understand it.
And with this is developing wisdom.
Dr. Weiss:
"Indeed, we need only look at what we do from morning to night to see that we are continually making experiences, whether it is driving a car, mowing the lawn, cooking, eating or working.
Even when we sleep we collect dream experiences. If we then set out to find out how we might use this life experience to develop a mature disposition, we’ll see that—Plato and Socrates already knew this—no one can teach us this: we must all learn it on our own. This is where I think that the Trilogos method is on the mark when it comes to offering an educational path. Its focus is not on teaching but rather on accompanying and assisting people in learning ABOUT and THROUGH themselves.
As part of this process, I may ask myself: What possibilities are my life experiences, including minor or trivial everyday experiences, offering me to get to know myself better?
For me, the TRILOGOS®Method essentially is, or rather follows, an educational approach. In that sense it promotes experience-based learning."

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