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Prof. Dr. Germain Weber | BUILDING TRUST

of the TRILOGOS series »Interview Pearls« 2018

an Interview with: Prof. Dr. phil. Germain Weber | Psychology
recorded in the former facilities of Sigmund Freud / Vienna 2018


In the almost 12 minutes of the video, Prof. Dr. Weber explains when and how people acquire that fundamental inner sense of security in their lives which is referred to as “trust” and what role it plays in our lives.

From his expert point of view, he discusses the background of this expectation, this firm belief that one can rely on someone or something.

Dr. Weber addresses the question of the effects of the presence, or LACK OF presence, of a healthily developed “basis of trust.” This not only applies to each individual in their life but also has an impact on our social interactions and affects our humanness in any kind of relationship, be it in the family, work place or as a member of society.

In addition, he provides insights into the research methods carried out in this regard, as well as their different approaches, depending on the psychological discipline from which this topic is viewed and researched.

He elucidates this aspect by telling about a research experiment that was conducted on prisoners.

At the end of the video, he gives his assessment of the possibilities of developing latent but not sufficiently developed aptitudes and abilities in every human being. He sees this possibility in the application of the Trilogos®Method and compares it with other methods known to him from psychological practice.

moderated / produced by Stefanie Sixt
on behalf of the Trilogos Foundation       

© 2021

You, too, can bring the latent potential within you to blossom at any time.

For this purpose, the Trilogos Foundation has laid out the basics of the Trilogos®Method in its standard reference work In Touch With Your Inner Voice, Level 1, by Linda Vera Roethlisberger, in six self-guided course units.

The work is available in German and English on the learning platform


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