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Prof. Dr. Germain Weber | HUMAN ABILITY TO LEARN

of the TRILOGOS series »Interview Pearls« 2018

an Interview with: Prof. Dr. phil. Germain Weber | Psychology
recorded in the former facilities of Sigmund Freud / Vienna 2018

In his latest, 8-minute interview from the Trilogos series Interview Pearls, Prof. Weber discusses the general ability of people to learn.

Based on his many years of professional experience and scientific research, he asserts with great conviction that it is virtually never too late for us to learn something, even if the environment in our formative years was anything but conducive to developing our own potential.

To this end, he states his principal tenet: “Man can learn everything! He just has to want to!”

To prove this, he draws on and describes an example from his practice, which very strikingly illustrates and supports his fundamental statement.
Prof. Weber assumes that in all of us, in every human being, there are still undiscovered, undeveloped potentials slumbering, which can be brought to light and “brought to blossom,” to use his words, even in later years of life, with the help of a suitable technique or method.

He especially emphasizes that the Trilogos®Method is very suitable for this purpose, based on his experience and understanding of the offers in these areas, and he also explains why this is so.

moderated / produced by Stefanie Sixt
on behalf of the Trilogos Foundation

© 2021

You, too, can bring the latent potential within you to blossom at any time.

For this purpose, the Trilogos Foundation has laid out the basics of the Trilogos®Method in its standard reference work In Touch With Your Inner Voice, Level 1, by Linda Vera Roethlisberger, in six self-guided course units.

The work is available in German and English on the learning platform


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