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of the TRILOGOS series »Interview Pearls« 2018

an Interview with: Prof. Dr. phil. Germain Weber | Psychology
recorded in the former facilities of Sigmund Freud / Vienna 2018


In this 7-minute interview, Prof. Dr. Germain Weber talks about what is to be understood from a scientific point of view by the term “self-confidence,” how it arises and how its development can be actively stimulated.

He establishes a connection between self-confidence and the resulting “self-competence”, from which “self-determination” becomes possible for the human being in his life.

One, if not the main, tenet of his faith as a professional, which also informs his view of the human being, is:

“We all have possibly—even if we’ve worked a lot on ourselves and look back on many enriching life experiences—still areas that are not as developed, for which the foundations are there but which are still waiting to be developed.”

For this reason, and based on the results of his many years of research, Prof. Dr. Weber gives a clear assessment of the (therapy) methods currently considered effective, and why this is so and where their strengths or weaknesses lie.

From his practical experience, he recommends working with the Trilogos®Method, as it addresses all aspects of being human: the cognitive aspect, the emotional aspect, but also the spiritual aspect, which hasn’t yet received sufficient attention and is, therefore, hardly implemented to support people in the development of their potential.

moderated / produced by Stefanie Sixt
on behalf of the Trilogos Foundation

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