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Reinhilde Burg | INTUITION in BUSINESS

of the TRILOGOS series »Interview Pearls«

an Interview with: Reinhilde Burg | manager
recorded in the BAVARIA studios / Munich 2018


In another interview video, the manager explains in about 6 minutes how the working world of the future should ideally be designed so as to nurture and value intuition.

She explains how, in an extremely accelerated business world, a high level of intelligence alongside rapid means of communication and good networking skills are no longer sufficient to master the complexity of the overall situation and to, for example, find and develop good and suitable products in little development time.

She also addresses the second, very critical impact of focus on time-savings and job performance, as manifested by the many people with burnout or otherwise feeling chronically stressed and overwhelmed. The manager indicates how the human ability of intuition can, and will, serve as a practical remedy and solution for such problems.

However, empowering oneself of this inner resource slumbering inside us, and implementing it as a useful work support, requires an active turning toward intuition. Moreover, like all human talents, it can and must be formed and trained. It is only in this way that talents can be turned into capabilities which can then be used as tools in daily life and in the working world.

As a wonderful side effect, the person regains their balance and feelings and thoughts of excessive burdens and demands disappear, so that mental and physical health can be restored and maintained.


moderated / produced by Stefanie Sixt
on behalf of the Trilogos Foundation

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