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4th MENTAL HEALTH Conference / Sibiu-Romania

The Mental Health In The Centre of Interest

At this International Congress, people of all faculties within the health branche and sciences interact and discuss newest trends and methods.

Their goal is it to gain the awareness of the interaction between thoughts and reality and provide this to a broad audience. In the centre of interest there is mental health. How this can be protected and ensured with the TRILOGOS®Method stimulated, sustained and healed.


Scientists discover more and more the connection of «Mental Health-Care» and life quality:

Symposium The A B C of the TRILOGOS®Method Symbolic language -
Explanation of the most important foreign language of the world
Thursday, 19th of Novembre 2020, From 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm


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For the third year in a row, TRILOGOS and especially the TRILOGOS Method will be featured and presented at this international, multi-day event by Prof. Dr. Germain Weber (University of Vienna, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Psychology). In addition to his university commitments, Prof. Weber is a member of the interdisciplinary advisory board of the Trilogos Foundation.

Prof. Dr. Michael Weiss aus Oslo (Philosopher and educational scientist, Trilogos Diploma) will take part first time at the congress and he will explain the Trilogos Method. First as a theoretical part - he will present and feature it along with the TRILOGOS Poster Series. Followed by this, both, Prof. Weber and Prof. Weiss, will talk about the Method from the view of modern psychological and educational science.

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