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Trilogos Method Insights: THE POINT OF THE EXERCISES

A short video series about aspects of the Trilogos Method

With these videos, Linda Vera Roethlisberger wishes to explain the structure and workings of the self-guided online courses of the Trilogos®Method—a method which she invented, developed and refined over the course of many years.



... here Linda introduces the main topic of each unit and conveys to the viewer what the training is about. The exercises that follow always consist of a guided IMAGE journey, in audio format, and the corresponding EVALUATION PART.

Separate explanatory videos are published on these topics.




With this short video series, the Trilogos Foundation is using audiovisual media for the first time to elucidate its training method. The videos explain individual aspects related to the Trilogos®Method, the phases of the guided exercises (image journeys), their preparation and follow-up, as well as interesting nuggets about the terminology developed to express the connection between the physical and the spiritual world.




The Trilogos®Method is process work on and with yourself through which you attain, on the path of development, more and more humanness.

Thanks to intuition, living your true self responsibly and from the synthesis of your self and your higher self will become easier. You’ll act and have agency responsibly and become more of a co-designer and fellow human being in your own life and own surroundings.

In the Trilogos®Method, all exercises follow a carefully developed sequence. One component, besides the mindfully guided image journey, is the subsequent reference to your own life. Thanks to the combination of insights from the exercise experiences, an increased sense of empowered action as well as regular training, you’ll gradually experience recognizable improvements in your own life. In each exercise, you’ll experience and recognize new possibilities for action in your three areas of life:






Please visit our ONLINE LEARNING PLATFORM to find out more about how each and every one of us can set out on our own path and how we can experience and train self-awareness by means of self-guided courses based on the Trilogos®Method:

(self-guided online courses in German and ENGLISH language)

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