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BASIC TRUST and spirituality


In light of our present-day external circumstances, which raise strong fears in many people, the TRILOGOS Foundation has put a lot of thought into how it can make a contribution to helping people and, especially, how it can encourage them. For this reason, we’re launching a new series of texts, to be published as the MONTHLY IMPULSE. These texts are styled after the Trilogos Beacon Series by Linda Vera Roethlisberger. Our this months Impulse is titled:

When we feel that we lack basic trust in life or in a special situation,
the feeling of oneness with nature can help us.

Let us take a conscious breath and tune into our environment,
becoming a part of it.

In doing so, we realize on a deeper level
that we are part of an energetic field
that we can never fall out of or get lost in.

                                                                                                                             Linda Vera, 2018


Dear Trilogos friends, Dear fellow human beings,                                                                                  

Each of us knows moments when we felt “one.” On a mountain peak, by the sea, in the forest or gazing into the starry sky, or possibly even while in the midst of a busy crowd.

Whenever we remember this state of oneness, namely, by being in the awareness thereof with all our senses, something happens to us: We are deeply happy. In that state of unity, we feel loved.

This spiritual feeling takes place completely independently, in spite of all circumstances and even when problem after problem piles up in our lives. 

When we merge with the world, everything seems vibrant and animated for a split second. In such moments, it doesn’t matter whether we were endowed with basic trust from birth on, because there is no separation.

The moment you succeed in connecting with nature, with the cosmos, you integrate yourself into the divine order and embark on an energetic exchange with the universe. Any separation from yourself and your (creational) source is overcome in this moment, creating space for some (more) basic trust to develop.

This effect will occur to the same extent when you actively engage to induce this inner state.

We’ll never be able to control the outside, even if we continue ramping up the effort in this undertaking or kick harder and harder until we’ve exhausted ourselves.

Especially over the last two years, this is what many people have been trying to do, to no avail. Many are looking more or less desperately for ways out and for solutions in order to calm down internally, and thereby also externally.

Through spiritual practice, that deep basic trust grows within us.

The nature of your spiritual practice plays a minor role. What is more important is how you are connected to this practice. The closer your connection, the clearer and more powerful the potency. By and large, a practice that stems from your own cultural heritage and faith will more readily lead to a closer connection, with participants able to delve deeply into the practice much faster. But this doesn’t mean that you should not pursue a different faith or orientation if you feel a strong affinity for it. In that case, pursue that path, learn as much as you can about it and internalize it.

Examples of spiritual practice include:

  • prayers
  • meditation
  • recitation of spiritual texts
  • rosary
  • the yogic path (in its full meaning!)
  • mindfulness
  • imagining holy beings and having inner conversations with them

What all these practices have in common is the inner attitude that requires silence and that is accompanied with inner observation.

The only important thing is that you get into action! And that you integrate your practice into your everyday life by practicing it regularly and thereby strengthening your basic trust, even restoring it and thereby bringing its potency into your life.

The more often we have the spiritual feeling that we are lovable, the more it affects our entire being.

As with all our talents and capabilities, a regular practice is of utmost importance so that we can solidify what we learn within ourselves and our inner being, and then begin treading this path more easily and effectively.

It is my hope, for you, that you may learn to feel the divine spark within you.

May you succeed in finding the patience and discipline to make your regular spiritual practice an active and effective one.


Linda Roethlisberger  and  Reinhilde Burg


P.S. At this point, I would like to recommend the trailer from from the audio book ON THE PATH TOWARDS BASIC TRUST, from the Trilogos Beacon series by Linda Vera Roethlisberger, which briefly reflects on this topic in its full scope.