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CREATIVITY and the supplied Trilogos Method


With this edition of our MONTHLY-IMPULSES series we finish this one. Just as the eleven we have published it is a short-cut to understand how things connect according to the title:



                                                                                                   In the middle of difficulty
                                                                                                                   lies opportunity.

                                                                                                                                     Albert Einstein


Dear Trilogos friends and participants,

Psychologists have been researching human creativity for over fifty years. In contrast to intelligence, which can be measured with various methods and tests, creativity is difficult to quantify using scientifically recognized research methods, being an entity that is neither constant nor consistent.

It appears that creativity hinges less on us humans as a personalities and more on completely different variables, such as chance or our psycho-spiritual condition, which may change from one day to the next.

What’s striking when trying to determine what constitutes creativity is that a person who was very creative yesterday may cease to be so tomorrow.

Creativity is a “shy being” that, although present within us at all times, will only show its face under very specific conditions and cannot be forced. On the contrary, when pressured to perform, it is likely to vanish into thin air.

Strictly speaking and on closer observation, however, creativity doesn’t “disappear” at all. Instead, it is covered up and layered over such that we simply stop perceiving its impulses.

This is because the creative force is ALWAYS present in us; it is a part of us.

Overlays can be attributed to our stressful everyday life, work demands and the increasing pressure to multitask. It can also be driven by fatigue, be it physical or mental. Indeed, when we don’t give our mind or body the time it needs to regenerate, our body usually responds quite distinctly with symptoms such as fatigue, headache or exhaustion. Unfortunately, our daily consciousness is hardly of help when trying to determine when to take time out to regenerate. This is due to our vegetative body intelligence, to which we have only indirect access. In extreme cases, a person who is close to a burnout or a depression is “switched off” their own body intelligence for many everyday activities, including creative work. 

We must remember that even creativity bears the the danger of causing a burn-out if we don’t (want to) listen to the signals of our body or mind telling us that we should slow down and take a break. Life is movement, and just as we cannot only exhale but MUST inhale and exhale, rhythmically, our organism also needs breaks from creative work.

In the previous MONTHLY IMPULSES, we’ve already discussed the favorable conditions that enable both INTUITION and CREATIVITY to come to fruition, so that we can perceive them at all and they can make their work available to us. Perception is a key concept here, since highly developed, finely vibrating forces such as intuition and creativity are rather quiet, delicate and fleeting beings. Accordingly, it is important to bring our organs of perception into stillness, to prepare them to be able to grasp these qualities.

To create these favorable conditions, we require good access to our unconscious, in turn facilitated by MINDFULNESS and RELAXATION as basic tools (see MONTHLY IMPULSE No. 5: Allies on our path).

With the techniques of the applied Trilogos®Method we wish to achieve exactly that: to enable and strengthen access to creativity, to creative potential. Thanks to our many years of very diverse experience, we’re in the position to actively train and educate people in creating these conditions, in keeping with the motto “INTUITION CAN BE TRAINED!”

The finely worked-out trilogical exercises are the essence of this endeavor. Our flashes of inspiration, ideas and intuition impulses manifest themselves within the framework of the guided phantasy journeys in such a way that, with the help of the messenger of our unconscious (our spiritual helper), we’re able to translate them from the “realm of the imagination” and bring them into a very direct and personal connection with ourselves. When working in this way, we may feel as if “the scales are falling from our eyes” when we’re suddenly able to see clearly and distinctly the connections which were already there before but which we hadn’t been able to perceive. Provided we invest some time and regular practice—psycho-spiritual fitness training—each and every one of us should be able to readily establish the connections to our personal everyday life, which is what this is all about. It’s the action that counts and that allows for active personality development to take place.

We encourage you to pause for a moment, now, and do a brief self-evaluation of your creativity, as a way to find your bearings and your positioning. Simply answer the following questions and write them down:


On a scale from one (not creative) to ten (highly creative):

  • Do you consider yourself a creative person?
  • Does your creativity express itself in an artistic way and/or in situations that require problem solving?
  • Does the saying “necessity is the mother of invention” apply to you?  Or does any kind of pressure have a paralyzing effect on you?
  • Do you like drawing, making music, writing, doing arts-and-crafts or inventing things? Or do you feel like you might want to but can’t quite summon the courage?
  • Do you see yourself as safety-oriented or as a risk taker? If you are very safety-oriented and feel comfortable with fixed rules: are there people, animals, ideals or possessions for which you would do anything?
  • Do you know the feeling of having no solution at hand, of being at an impasse—yet suddenly, hours or days later, having an inspiring idea spring to mind?

Source: The Beacon series by Linda Vera Roethlisberger Creativity − Power of Change. Page 45−46.



Our twelve-part Monthly Impulse cycle ends with this Impulse. We hope that you allowed yourself to receive the wealth of gifts they had to offer.

If you feel that you wish to know and explore even more about the topic of creativity, I highly recommend reading the four-volume Trilogos Beacon series, entitled:

On the Path towards BASIC TRUST
INDIVIDUATION - on the Path to and beyond one’s self
CREATIVITY: Power of Change


May your basic human skills grow and flourish.

I wish you many moments of joy in your inner exploration, as well as the strength and resolve to start doing, so that your impulses can do their magic and enrich your life.


Linda Roethlisberger



PS: Are you curious to find out more about the Beacon series? The following short audio files offer sneak previews of the four Beacon series books.
(Note: all books were also recorded as audio books, in German and English).