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ETH Knowledge Fair 2021

A view of Dr. Michael Noah Weiss


Illustration source: Patric Sandri ETH Web

A Knowledge Fair is a relatively new teaching format implemented at trade fairs that revolves, structurally, around various booths. However, rather than presenting products, the booths serve to impart knowledge.

At this year’s ETH Knowledge Fair on the topic “Health of Tomorrow,” Trilogos was there for the first time. Even though I only had a digital presence (due to the pandemic), via Zoom, I was excited to see that students were very interested in what Trilogos offers, namely spiritual and mental fitness training. Many expressed the wish that such a training be offered as an elective at ETH Zurich.

This wish is understandable seeing that today’s world, where flexibility, creativity and the ability to change are consistently demanded at the workplace, calls not only for physical but also mental health.

The fact that the Trilogos®Method can foster exactly this—in the sense of reducing stress and increasing quality of life—has been proven by various studies. It would, therefore, be great if this method could be offered to young people.

The following downloadable poster served well to illustrate the importance of psycho-mental health to the students.  

The Trilogos®Method considers that the role of the basic human competencies INTUITION - CREATIVITY - INDIVIDUATION – BASIC TRUST should not be underestimated.


Please download the enclosed flyer (in DinA4 format).
By activating the QR codes, you will be automatically directed to short videos that will explain more about the method.







Michael Weiss


Associate Professor/Førsteamanuensis
Faculty of Humanities, Sports- and Education
Department of Pedagogy
University of South-Eastern Norway