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ETH Week 2021: Health for Tomorrow

A review of the Trilogos Board of Trustees


Two keynote presentations were given in the auditorium of Balgrist Clinic for the students who registered for this special week. They were held by:

·       Prof. emer. Marcel Tanner, M.D. (epidemiology and public health), former member of the Swiss national Covid task force
·       Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Paul Hoff (psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics), President of the Central Ethics Committee of the Swiss Academies of Medical Sciences


On the morning of Wednesday, September 15, 2021, the board of trustees of the Trilogos Foundation, as invited guests of ETH Week 2021, had the opportunity to listen to two interesting presentations on the topic of “Health for Tomorrow” by the above-mentioned high-profile experts. The first lecture, “Transdisciplinary and Global Challenges,” focused on the conditions that need to be fulfilled in order for functioning health systems to be able to meet future global challenges. The second lecture, “On the Ethics of Medicine,” was about ethics in medicine, focusing on people and their needs.

This part of ETH Week 2021 was likewise held in English. The participating 120 students, enrolled in one of ETH’s 16 departments and hailing from 31 different across the globe, worked on the topic of “Health for Tomorrow” in an interdisciplinary way. At the beginning of the event, each working group formulated a problem on the week’s topic, discussed solutions, learned together and, at the end, presented, as a team, a common, feasible solution to their problem. Hence, emphasis was placed on teamwork and meaningful cooperation. In small working groups, they were introduced to the processes by experienced coaches and accompanied throughout the week.

When coaching students, ETH Week relied on collaboration with PRISMA, a project that initially started in 2018 as a student initiative and now teaches interdisciplinary skills in various formats. The aim of PRISMA is to provide students with an environment in which they can develop methodological, social and personal skills alongside their otherwise technical education at ETH Zurich. As part of the ETH Talent Project, ETH has identified a wide variety of competencies that students will need in their future and that will enable them to become responsible members of society. Among these are sensitivity for diversity, adaptability and flexibility, decision-making skills, cooperation and teamwork.

Quelle Website der ETH: „Prisma”

Trilogos Foundation Committee
September 29, 2021