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INDIVIDUATION and the applied Trilogos Method


In this Trilogos Monthly Impulse, we conclude the topic INDIVIDUATION. The Impulse will discuss how the Trilogos®Method allows integrating one’s path of individuation with common knowledge:



People have a deep inner certainty of what they will one day be. 
This knowledge is like a seed.

And just as a seed needs not only air and water
but also the earth and the sun to become a rose, 
so we humans need more than food and drink to become what we are.

                                                                                                      Hugo Enomiya-Lassalle


Dear Trilogos friends,

Individuation is an inner process that is triggered, deepened and tested again and again through the interface with the outside. Through our ability to perceive, to communicate and in the confrontation with others, we get to know our own patterns and thus experience where our limits, our strengths and weaknesses lie.

Individuation as a lifelong path of development and growth happens one way or another, and completely without our intervention. This begs the question of why we should actively intervene in that process.

There are two main reasons for this:

The first is that you’re most likely experiencing a deficiency of sorts in one or more areas of your life. In other words, you may have health problems, be struggling with relationships, or face financial problems or career and workplace challenges. When such obstacles become visible, we generally begin to look for relief and healing.

You may already have a long process of searching and many years of therapy behind you without having found a lasting solution. If that is the case, you may have reached the point where you’re ready to embark on a search for actual root causes of your problem, aware that many of these issues are quite difficult to get at. It may feel like a leap into the unknown, seeing that you’ll most likely feel a diffuse sense of foreboding, a hint of fear within you that you can’t quite pinpoint. Your inner being, however, your self, is one step ahead of you. It knows what you’re up to and will show you—provided you listen inwardly and stay brave.

Alternatively, you may decide, motivated by your inner drive, to work on overcoming your obstacles and integrating your shadow parts even if your path thus far hasn’t been particularly arduous or daunting. In that case, you’re actively developing your personality. By engaging in this type of development, which is more preemptive, may be spared some minor and major failures or symptoms and their associated rocky learning curve. Read more...

In doing so, you develop the qualities and abilities that are still dormant in you, such as: the ability to love, compassion, understanding, willingness to accept, healing power and spiritual openness.

This can be likened to the inner and outer talent of a musician who is not only aware of his gift and his abilities but who cultivates them in order to bring forth an ever more perfect sound through constant practice, and to in this way enrich and bring beauty to his own life and those of his fellow human beings.


Your goals and the uses of the TRILOGOS exercises

  1. You experience and “know” that consciousness/awareness is formed by insights about yourself.

  2. You recognize that unconscious matter is present but that you cannot (yet) access it completely.

  3. You’re ready to bring the unconscious into consciousness—to bring what lies in the shadows into the light.

  4. You experience how an experiential journey is evaluated:

First, participants describe an experience as precisely as possible. Starting with a symbol (something perceived), they form associations that in turn lead to insights. Based on that insight, participants can make a resolution or decide on an action that they intend implement in their everyday life.

  1. You experience the subtle workings of the world of inner perception and realize how important it can be to stay true to the first impulse you receive.

  2. You’re able to gain important insights from the exercise experiences and to implement them in your everyday life.

Source:  Description of the TRILOGOS®Method by Linda Vera Roethlisberger.
See it here on Trilogos homepage


Good access to the unconscious, shadow work and the integration of the intellect, emotions and your spiritual dispositions are all prerequisites for a successful individuation.


The applied TRILOGOS®Method

The Trilogos®Method offers possibilities for working on yourself in a way that incorporates all aspects of being human, and is thus comprehensive and holistic. The unconscious with its very own language of symbols, dreams and visions is animated by means of mindfully worked out and guided phantasy journeys to transport its gifts and pearls from the shadows into the light of your consciousness.

In the trilogical exercises, you’ll take inner steps serving to establish the inner protection of the higher powers which protect you from harmful content that you might otherwise experience. Once in a synergistic state, your subconscious mind is then safe and ready to let go of active thoughts, feelings and beliefs for the duration of the exercise, and to trustingly open up to the messages coming from within you.

In this way healing can take place and disharmonies can be recognized and (re)solved.

I hope that each and every one of you finds the motivation and the drive for embarking on your own path of “who am I.”

Whether your path of individuation has you diving into the depths of an ocean or climbing mountain tops, may many gifts and insights come to you that will help you in your own life.


Linda Roethlisberger

PS:  The Trilogos Foundation has also developed a 12-part poster series illustrating and explaining its core statement “Competence in being human.

For more information, see here:


Those wishing to explore individuality with a less “brainy” or intellectual approach may wish to listen to the wonderful song by Michael Hoffmann entitled Folge Deiner Bestimmung, which means “follow your calling” in German (Note: some browser don´t show Audio-File)