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INTUITION – Our inner voice

Monthly IMPULSE | May 2022


                                                  Intuition is more than just a vague feeling.

                                                  Intuition is the awareness of subtle things 

                                                                    that lie outside of our attention.

                                                                                                                  Iain McGilchrist


Dear Trilogos friends and Dear fellow Human Beings,

Scientists from the most varying fields have taken up INTUITION in the past years and decades … after people had considered it to be a rather mystical phenomenon for thousands of years.

We are referring here to the circumstance we all know, namely, that of the first impression that we get immediately upon meeting another person, and which very often turns out to be amazingly accurate in retrospect. That impression is a short and fleeting moment that we generally let pass by without giving it any further attention. This is because our thinking, our re-flection, sets in immediately afterwards, which imposes on this moment our prejudgments, empirical values and the like, and then creates a distorted image from our original, short, impulse-like perception.

Yet it is exactly in this split second, right then and there, that we are in touch with our inner truth. The influence of the unconscious on our life manifests perhaps nowhere so clearly as through intuition.


  We tend to not listen to our inner voice for two reasons: we either do not want to listen   
  to it, or we cannot listen to it.

This is because:

  • We’ve been brought up to behave rationally.

Our rational dispositions, comprising our basic pattern of action, are difficult to reconcile with our intuitive perceptions.

  • In our Western world, we are not used to listening to intuition, as it is closely linked to emotion.

We may be influenced by other things, such as advertising, trends or the zeitgeist, which can be  overpowering and overbearing.

  • We do not trust our perceptions.

This could be related to a lack of self-confidence but also to the fact that we cannot feel ourselves and thus do not know ourselves completely.

  • We want to impose our will.

Often, our expectations come into play, which do not inclined to accept the gift of intuition as it was given to us but differently, which then tends to silence intuition.

  • We cannot allow what we intuitively feel.

Fear of change, consequences, disappointments, life itself, illnesses, separations and, especially, of our finiteness through physical death.



While this may strike you as a sobering assessment, I would nevertheless like to send you courage and confidence. This is because it is my firm conviction that intuition can be learned. It can be developed!

This happens very concretely when it first speaks to us in a very quiet voice, but then penetrates us more and more strongly, when we listen to its impulses and learn to trust them by following them and implementing them externally, very concretely, in our lives. We call this building bridges to your everyday life by coming into action.

You should know, however, that as this resource, your intuition, grows, so too will obstacles on your path, which will eventually manifest to the same extent as your inner voice.

How might you recognize these adversaries that make it difficult for you to move forward?

They appear in the form of fears, doubts, expectations, fixed ideas and hopes and will partly distort your pure perception.

I hope that with the help of the work with the TRILOGOS courses, you too will find the courage and patience to listen to your inner voice more and more often.

May you succeed in staying true to this voice, regardless of any obstacles that may arise, because it’s worth it—trust me!


Linda Roethlisberger