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NEWS: Handbook Trilogos Diploma Certificate 1 | Trilogos Trainer

IQ + EQ + SQ = PsyQ® edition Vol 5 of the interdisciplinary series

We’re both proud and thrilled to be able to present you, this new publication of the interdisciplinary IQ + EQ + SQ = PsyQ® edition series of the Trilogos Foundation, in English language. The publication comprise the first volume of three handbooks for the diploma training program of the Trilogos®Method, developed by Linda Roethlisberger and co-written by her, Dr. Michael Noah Weiss and Monika Langenegger-Ulmer. The handbook is available as ebook or printed paperback and can be ordered from the publishing house GRIN:



Trilogos Diploma Certificate 1






ISBN E-Book:           978-3-346-602-046
ISBN Softcover:      978-3-346-602-053

The Trilogos Diploma Training is aimed at professional educators and/or psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, social workers and nurses who wish to further educate themselves with and through the Trilogos®Method as a way to achieve improved and, above all, sustainable therapeutic success for their clients when using the method in their work setting.

When a participant works their way through the Trilogos multi-level continuing education program all the way to obtaining a TRILOGOS diploma, they learn to reconnect to their own mediumship. They also learn to establish meaningful relationships of the dreamed symbols and archetypes experienced during Trilogical image journeys to their own health, relationships and working life, allowing them to generate a new self-knowledge. In addition to the direct positive effects, this also helps to continually transform one’s inner spiritual power and to unfold one’s own potential in the right direction.

When engaged in this intensive process work, participants will also be training their intuition, creativity, communication, consciousness and much more.

Through these experiences, the educator, psychologist or doctor will internalize a powerful tool that will enable them to do hone their empathic skills.

The main mission of the Trilogos Foundation is to advance the dissemination of the Trilogos®Method, convinced that the participants who have internalized this kind of work on themselves will contribute to a more social and peaceful coexistence of people on this planet.

We hope to, with our latest publication of the three handbooks, have created another element for helping people advance in their training and to thereby progress in achieving our great mission.

To order our publications or to simply get an idea of their content, please visit the GRIN website, which offers free reading samples for each book.