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This year again: MENTAL HEALTH on center stage

Trilogos participated at the 6th Eastern European Conference of Mental Health & 3rd International Public Mental Health Conference, in Zagreb, Croatia.





Traditionally, this international, Eastern European conference has been hosted by the Mental Health Association of South-Eastern Europe (MHASEE), the University of Zagreb and the Croatian Psychiatric Association. This year, it took place from October 13 through October 15, 2022.


We had the pleasure of explaining the Trilogos Method at this emerging and increasingly important international congress for the fifth year in a row.

As always, we were quite happy and grateful for the opportunity to present the Trilogos Method—this time the fifth year in a row—at this up-and-coming, increasingly important and by now international congress.

We were again able to get Prof. Dr. Michael Noah Weiss (philosopher and educator at the University of South-Eastern Norway, Oslo, and TRILOGOS graduate) to hold a digital-virtual lecture at this year’s congress.

In his lecture entitled

About Experiences on Personal and Professional Development by means of the Trilogos Method,


Prof. Weiss presented the Trilogos Foundation based on our latest publications and documents and gave the participants an understanding of the Trilogos Method as a therapeutic-supportive method.

We would like to take this opportunity to again thank Michael Noah Weiss for his professionalism and ongoing commitment to the purpose and vision of the Trilogos Foundation.

Many thanks dear Michael!

The congress was a hybrid event allowing for both on-site and virtual presentations, all of which were conducted in English.



Mental health on center stage

At this international congress, people from all disciplines in the field of health and sciences interact and discuss newest trends and methods. Their goal is to raise awareness for the interaction between thoughts and reality and to convey this to a broad audience. The main focus was on mental health. In our presentation, we explored[cp2]  questions such as how mental health can be protected, ensured, stimulated, sustained and healed with the Trilogos®Method.

Scientists are becoming more and more aware of the connection between mental health care and quality of life.

The three-day conference covered an extremely diverse spectrum of pressing questions about current status of and solutions to:

anxiety disorders; alcohol and drug abuse; autism; bipolar disorder; child and adolescent mental health; depression disorders and more.

This year again, 22 speakers were recruited from among top-tier international experts.


They consisted of:

Mental health professionals (psychiatrists, trainees, psychologists, sociologists, social workers, nurses);

Medical professionals (MDs, trainees, social workers, nurses);

Students (PhD, master’s, undergraduate);

Stakeholders (NGOs, legal professionals).


For your convenience, we’ve uploaded Prof. Weiss’ presentation on YouTube. Recordings from congresses dating further back are archived on

Please feel free to listen in


Linda Vera Roethlisberger