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Zurich: ETH Week 2021 - Health for Tomorrow

with the Trilogos »beacon series« | by Linda Vera Roethlisberger

Foto: ©ETH Zurich / Gian Marco Castelberg


In our last German newsletter, we announced that the Trilogos Foundation would be entering a new field of activity by laying the building blocks for a new Trilogos Fund within the ETH Zurich Foundation.

We’re thrilled to have made the first concrete steps in that direction, namely, that of organizing an event to take place at the ETH Week, from September 12 through 17, 2021:


knowledge fair in English

at ETH Week 2021 | Zurich

Date:   Tuesday, 14th of September 2021
Schedule:  will be announced later
 (see Agenda Homepage)

We´re happy to have been able to recruit Prof. Dr. Michael Weiss, from Osloas a speaker at this year’s ETH Week. A member of our team, Mr. Weiss is a philosopher, professor of pedagogy and Trilogos training graduate and will be representing the Trilogos Foundation and the Trilogos®Method.

He will be discussing the formation and development of personality using the Trilogos poster »Creativity – Individuation – Basic Trust – Intuition« from the perspective of the Trilogos®Method.


The Trilogos®Method considers that:

Creativity is based on one’s personal potential and the development, or individuation, thereof.

Individuation, unterstood as the unfolding of one´s potential, which calls for self-confidence, and true self-confidence needs basic trust.

Basic Trust can be learned by training one´s intuition.

Intuition  is a prerequisite for lived creativity.


What’s special and new about the presentation options are the links to the keywords discussed via so-called QR codes. Anyone equipped with the corresponding app can then access our so-called teaser clips, which are videos produced specifically for this event. These have been recently uploaded onto our YouTube channel as well as on our homepage.


The teaser clips are synopses of the lectures of the new Trilogos Beacon Series, available in English and German. You can access them by clicking on the titles. 


This teaser about the human capability of  BASIC TRUST
from the Trilogos Beacon series is about:

What is trust, self-confidence and primordial trust?
Where do I personally stand with regards to my trust?
What about my fears, my primordial fears?





This teaser about the human capability of INTUITION
from the Trilogos Beacon series is about:

What exactly is intuition?
Where and why do I need intuition in my everyday life?
How do I live intuition?




INDIVIDUATION – on the Path to and beyond One´s self 

This teaser about the human capability of INDIVIDUATION
from the Trilogos Beacon series is about:

What assistance might I need on the often challenging, difficult path to myself?
How do I find out what to do or not to do as the next step?
How can I trust my perception, emotional security or intuition?
How can I assess them?




CREATIVITY – The Power of Change

This teaser about the human capability of CREATIVITY
from the Trilogos Beacon series is about:

an often used term:

What does it have to do with me personally?
How do I act and react in difficult situations?
How do I deal with unexpected challenges?



These 4 new teaser clips are based on the newest literary creations of the author Linda Vera Roethlisbergers. They were produced in a professionell manner by:

In the Trilogos Beacon series, author Linda Vera Roethlisberger takes a nuanced look at individual aspects of the core competencies of being human.

For this, she draws from her thirty years of work applying the TRILOGOS®Method. She reflects on her explanations and backs them up with profound statements by people who have had a significant influence on our present-day lives. In addition, she offers listeners and readers assistance by means of her especially designed guided exercises.

Linda Roethlisberger has thereby created guidebooks in keeping with the spirit of the times that offer readers a tool for engaging in self-help even in difficult, challenging times.