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IQ + EQ + SQ = PsyQ® edition | an interdisciplinary series of the Trilogos®Foundation - Vol 5

Handbook Trilogos Diploma Certificate 1 - TRILOGOS TRAINER | 2022


Author:        Linda Vera Roethlisberger 
co-Authors: Michael Noah Weiss
and Monika Langenegger-Ulmer

1. Edition 2022
GRIN Verlag

ISBN E-Book:         978-3-346-602-046
ISBN Softcover:     978-3-346-602-053


This handbook on becoming a Certificate 1 ‒ Trilogos Trainer

will allow you to acquire the following qualifications:


You’ll become familiar with the building blocks of a Trilogos training session and learn how to use them correctly and meaningfully. You’ll gain basic psychological and pedagogical knowledge for independently producing image journeys in the style and spirit of the Trilogos®Method as well as learn how to guide a group through such a journey and evaluate each participant’s experiences. You will learn how to trigger self-reflection processes in the participants and moderate the exchanges among them so that these can relate their perceptions to their own personality and everyday life and thereby achieve self-knowledge.

In addition to learning how to design Trilogos training units, you’ll also learn to organize lectures, presentations and roundtables on related topics, design their content, carry them out and change or adapt them, if need be. You’ll also learn how to facilitate the exchange rounds of Trilogos training units as well as discussion rounds after your lectures, presentations and roundtables.

You’ll learn how to apply all didactic-methodical elements of this training for your own development. Overall, you’ll become more and more aware of your own human potential (PsyQ) and bring it to bear, and thereby reach more inner maturity (PsyK).

Published as: eBook and Hardcover 216 pages  / GRIN Verlag








Learning Module A     Designing the training sessions 

         Lesson 1 - Preparing the content of a Trilogos training session and writing an image journey 26
         Lesson 2 - Organizing a Trilogos training session 69
         Lesson 3 - Conducting a Trilogos training session 75
         Lesson 4 - Follow-up of a Trilogos training session97

Learning Module B    Holding book talks, presentations and roundtables

         Lesson 1 - Presenting selected books107
         Lesson 2 - Holding presentations 115
         Lesson 3 - Guiding into the ensuing dialogue (roundtable discussion) by means of a brief presentation 121


Learning Module C    Self-development 


Exam requirements





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