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Breaking into a new era: The light is within you !

THE JOURNEY TO WISDOM - Faith, love, hope.


Author :  Linda Vera Roethlisberger

1st edition, 2024
Brochure, 12x19 cm, 50 pages



Let that which seeks change change.
Like the water, ask yourself:
From where? Where to?

Impossible things want to be thought, realized.
New-old paths seek to be forged
through impassable dreams.

We seek and find ways that show:
Everything flows to new shores.

Linda Vera 


Faith, love, hope - Breaking into a new ery: the light is within you !



  • Foreword
  • On the myth of holism
  • The true potential of man
  • The Trilogos®Method
  • The author        
  • The Trilogos Foundation
  • Publications


The TRILOGOS METHOD and a very comprehensive self-taught 3-stage textbook have emerged from this fundamental observation: In Touch With Your Inner Voice. This workbook (will be available in English Language by the end of 2024) gives everyone the opportunity to set out on their own individual path to ever more COMPETENCE IN BEING HUMAN.


 The small brochure was also read by Terry Collins /USA as an audio book and published freely accessible to all, here you will find the access via CLICK.



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