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Living cooperatively – through Trilogos Training

Basic Module 3

Saturday, November 2, 2019 - 10:00 to Sunday, November 3, 2019 - 17:00
Zurich, Switzerland

With Linda Vera Roethlisberger

Humans are social beings: In relationships with others and their environment, human beings experience the whole gamut of feelings from love to hatred (EQ); in exchange with others, the creative as well as destructive power of the mind (IQ); and in universal connectedness, their very own spirituality (SQ).

Those who work holistically with the tools of the Trilogos®Method develop a deeper understanding of themselves and thus of their fellow human beings.

They learn to discover their true potential as a resource on the basis of their intellect, feelings and spirituality and to draw and unfold from that potential on their journey towards becoming an authentic fellow human being.

This particular module works with a section of Level 3 of the textbook In Touch With Your Inner Voice and is both theoretical and practice-oriented. Seminar participants jointly determine the learning content.

A prerequisite for participation in this Basic Module 3 is the introductory seminar and modules 1 & 2.

Have any questions come up for you while studying at home or in a reading group? If so, feel free to ask them during the training. Of course, you are also welcome to take part in the module without having any questions!

Those having already completed the Basic Module 3 may book only one of the two days if they wish (i.e., they need not participate in the full training).

How to register: To register, please email the name of the training seminar and your name to by October 18, 2018.

CHF 440.00per two-day seminar
CHF 1200.00for the triple series (all modules of levels 1 to 3)
Those taking the module over again: Graduates of the basic program pay 50%; those working towards a graduate diploma pay 25%; graduates are not charged any fees.
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