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TRILOGOS Institute (first a sole proprietorship, then a limited liability company) 1990–2012 / Trilogos Foundation since 2012

The Trilogos®Milestones in pictures can be found in the slideshow at the end of this page.

1990, October 5

Linda Vera Roethlisberger founded the Institut TRILOGOS, which offered an intercultural and non-denominational personality and consciousness training program that was independent of any ideology as a sole proprietorship in Küsnacht, Zurich. The Institute offered a basic training and diploma program for each of the three levels of the course (now continued by the Trilogos Foundation) as well as a number of individual events.

During this time, Linda Vera Roethlisberger also worked in adult education in Germany and Austria.


The textbook by Linda Vera Roethlisberger "Der sinnliche Draht zur geistigen Welt" (The Sensory Link to the Spiritual World) was published.


From 1996 until 2012/13, the Trilogos®Basic Training was offered every year as the Institute’s main standard course.
The first student began working towards a diploma degree.

TRILOGOS Elementi, the Institute’s digital in-house newspaper, was launched as a platform for exchange.

The digital TRILOGOS Forum, the TRILOGOS Kultur-Forum as well as the series of TRILOGOS films were likewise introduced as forms for encounter and exchange.


The Institute, and an external examination committee, gave its first exit examination for Certificate 1 of the mediumistic diploma program. 

Linda Vera Roethlisberger founded the TRILOGOS Club as a non-profit organization. Its goal was to promote the exchange of opinions and experiences between people interested in consciousness work along the lines of Trilogos.


The annual TRILOGOS Forum held at Seehof Küsnacht, organized by the Trilogos Club, took place for a tenth year in a row. This year it was moderated by Rainer Holbe from the German television channel ZDF.

1999, May 11

Das Institute incorporated as Trilogos GmbH. The founding members are Prof. Dr. jur. Jörg Rehberg, Dr. jur. Stefan Flachsmann and Linda Vera Roethlisberger.


Linda Vera Roethlisberger invented the formula IQ+EQ+SQ = PsyQ® to describe the trilogical, psycho-spiritual intelligence, or human potential. This sets the milestone for the Trilogos®Method.


The Institute, and an external examination committee, gave its first exit examination for Certificate 2 of the mediumistic diploma program. 

Linda Vera Roethlisberger also accompanied students from various universities who wished to integrate the Trilogos Method into their thesis or dissertation.


On December 9, the TRILOGOS Club was dissolved, and replaced by the new international association PsyQ®Netz.


For the first time, the year-long course “Trilogos®Basic Training” by and with Linda Vera Roethlisberger was offered as part of the adult education program of Leuenberg, a conference venue run by the reformed church in Hölstein, Switzerland.


The workbook Intuition ist erlernbar (Intuition can be learned) (Hugendubel-Verlag) and the Trilogos-PsyQ®Methode (Peter Lang Verlag, Europäischer Verlag der Wissenschaften), both by Linda Vera Roethlisberger, complement the teaching materials of the Trilogical PsyQ® teaching.


The first dissertation on the Trilogos Method was published. Entitled “Constructive Realism and the Trilogical PsyQ®Teaching” (our English translation), it was written for a degree in epistemological philosophy at the University of Vienna.

Linda Vera Roethlisberger founded the TRILOGOS Verlag, a publishing house.


Dr. phil. Michael Weiss published the first books of his interdisciplinary research series In_Spirit in the TRILOGOS Verlag.
Some of Linda Vera Roethlisberger’s books were published in other languages.


In December, the digital PsyQ®Netz (founded in 2004) was archived by Dr. phil. Michael Weiss.


To commemorate its 20th anniversary, TRILOGOS revamped its website.

The Institute celebrated its 20-year anniversary.

Die Entdeckung des PsyQ - unser inneres Ordnungssystem erkennen und nutzen (The discovery of PsyQ – Recognizing and using our internal system of ordering) was published; authored by Michael Weiss and edited by Linda Roethlisberger.
Michael Noah Weiss becomes a contract worker at Trilogos.


The 50th – and last – issue of the in-house journal ELEMENTI was published. The journal, which also had a digital presence for some time, spanned some 15 years of Trilogos history.

Launch of IQ+EQ+SQ = PsyQ® Edition, an interdisciplinary series for the Trilogos Foundation.

2012, July 11

Linda Vera Roethlisberger founded the Trilogos®Foundation. Apart from her, the other foundation members are Dr. med. dent. Naritaka Fukazawa and Andrea Malär.

Trilogos GmbH was dissolved.

The Foundation gave its first final exit examination Certificate 3 of the mediumistic diploma program and accepted its first diploma thesis.


Linda Vera Roethlisberger published the self-guided course book In Touch With Your Inner Voice (Levels 1 to 3). With this book, the comprehensive content of the basic training stage, which had been continuously developed over the course of the years, was made available to all.

Another milestone: Organizers of Trilogos® reading groups and certified Trilogos trainers, consultants, supervisors and others obtained a trademark flicense from the Foundation.


Monika Langenegger replaced Andrea Malär as new member of the Foundation’s board of trustees.


The impact of the Trilogos Method was scientifically confirmed by empirical studies conducted by the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Vienna. Significant improvements in various areas of life were observed in particular through the World Health Organization Quality of Life assessment (WHOQOL-100).


Linda Roethlisberger and her team began offering their services in the United States as an affiliate of Sharon Griggs and her organization Coaching for Leadership and Change.

In fall 2017, Michael Noah Weiss became the director in charge of training and continuing education.

Trilogos exhibited its posters (a set of 12) to present its mission at the 8th International Conference on Health Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, University of Havana / Cuba.


Trilogos is increasing its commitment to disseminating the Trilogos Method across the United States. The new English-language website ‒ ‒ will be launched.

The Trilogos poster series is presented at the  2nd Eastern European Conference for Mental Health in Sibiu/Romania and the 9th International Conference on Health Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, University of Havana / Cuba by Prof. Germain Weber.

Michael Noah Weiss quits his position as director of training and continuing education due to his new position as associate professor at the University of South-East Norway. He continues as advisory board member and Trilogos trainer.

In addition, Trilogos is working on the short film Competence in being human! The film will provide an overview of what the Trilogos Method is about and who and what is behind the Trilogos Foundation.


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