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In Touch With Your Inner Voice | Level 1

PsyQ® Training for personality and consciousness formation, Level 1






Author: Linda Vera Roethlisberger


1. Edition 2012
incl. 2 CDs (mp3) with 22 guided Meditations, 717 pages, Hardcover, 19 x 25 cm
This book is available in German Language. In English as eBook version.

Pro Business, Berlin
ISBN: 978-3-86386-328-9

in 6 courses at

‟The strong practice-oriented perspective of the Trilogos®Method gives hope for a scientific psychology that again understands something of the soul. Perhaps Linda Vera Roethlisberger will show us the way into the new age of an everyday netherworld awareness.”


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Herrmann, Goethe University Frankfurt

The longing for a fulfilled life in which we integrate all facets of our personality accompanies us on our path of individuation. How might we learn to understand our own language of the soul and live a meaningful, happy and successful life?

The Trilogos®Method provides a field-tested training and experience program that builds bridges to the subconscious and to transpersonal levels.

It allows for the gradual attainment of psychic balance and equanimity alongside an increased capability to solve everyday challenges in a holistic way:

IQ + EQ + SQ = PsyQ® – Your psycho-spiritual intelligence will guide you in that process.

The insights thus gathered can then change and enrich our approach to our health, relationships and work life. Overall, we learn to realize our goals and dreams and to be at the service of ourselves and thereby the greater whole.

In Touch With Your Inner Voice
Level 1

With this book you may:  

  • discover your individual symbolic language,
  • train your perception, intuition and mediality,
  • train mediumistic feeling, smelling, knowing, seeing and hearing,
  • learn about aura reading, channeling and spiritual healing, and
  • recognize and use your true potential

Includes 22 guided meditations on 2 CDs (mp3, 11 hours)

The book is available in German Language, English Language as E-book Version.


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