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In Touch With Your Inner Voice | Level 2

PsyQ® Training for personality and consciousness formation, Level 2






Author: Linda Vera Roethlisberger


1. Edition 2013
incl. 2 CDs (mp3) with 18 guided Meditations, 608 pages, Hardcover, 19 x 25 cm
This book is available in Germain Language only.

Pro Business, Berlin
ISBN: 978-3-86386-435-4

in 6 courses on

“The Trilogos®Method can significantly contribute to the creation of a prerequisite for a sustainable society: The ability to make decisions based on trust and empathy.”

Roland Fischer, Alpen-Adria-University Vienna and Klagenfurt

Each person has the resources to lead a happy and meaningful life. The memory of the subconscious, an empathic relationship with other people and the environment, and last but not least the connection to transpersonal levels form the potential of each individual. The Trilogos®Method includes techniques of deep relaxation, meditation, guided imaginative journeys and also integrates SQ (human spirituality) together with EQ (feelings) in order to stoke the sacred fire and tap this potential.It allows for the gradual attainment of psychic balance and equanimity alongside an increased capability to solve everyday challenges in a holistic way:

At the heart of Level 2 of this self-guided course is the creative use of this potential and thus the development of PsyQ towards PsyK, the competence in being human. Accordingly, creativity, as our co-creator and co-creative power, is in the foreground. Since all life goes back to the same origin, every human being also carries in herself the creative powers from the beginning of all time. To liberate them, it is necessary to delve deeper into working on oneself and one’ own resources, to gain insights and to use them wisely in life. Creative impulses create new, fresh ways of looking at life, they are the impetus to change to a truly fulfilling life.
In the six lessons of this course, you will expand your knowledge of your true self, gain an understanding of psychosomatics and much more, continue to work on integrating your shadow and your untapped talents, and gain a new level of stability in your daily life ‒ in keeping with the motto that “life is for learning.” Your original trust can continue to heal and nourish and stabilize your personal self-confidence in a powerful way.

Learn about the forces of the world, know and use your own creativity and creative power. Because: happiness and peace begin by taking care of your body and mind every day of your life. The power of your soul supports you in this lifelong process. You can only carry out into the world what you realize within yourself.

In Touch With Your Inner Voice
Level 2

With this book you may

  • discover your individual symbolic language,
  • train your perception, intuition and mediality,
  • train mediumistic feeling, smelling, knowing, seeing and hearing,
  • learn about aura reading, channeling and spiritual healing, and
  • recognize and use your true potential

Includes 18 guided meditations on 2 CDs (mp3, 10 hours)

The book is available in German Language only at the moment. English Language as E-book Version will be available in 2019.


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