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Successful scientific-empirical evaluation of the Trilogos®Method

Four scientific-empirical studies have been carried out between 2014 and 2016 by University of Vienna’s Faculty of Psychology. These studies show the following significant effects upon completion of the self-guided course In Touch With Your Inner Voice, Level 1 (Linda Vera Roethlisberger)

  • Significant improvement of the subjective quality of life according to the World Health Organization (WHO) Quality of Life assessment (WHOQOL-100), which covers the following areas: physical, mental, independence, social relations, environment, spirituality (see Martina Palatinus, 2016).
  • The experience of stress is mitigated (see Eva Höck, 2016).
  • Capacity building for dealing with stress (see Höck Eva, 2016).
  • Improvement of our perception of our own capabilities (see Lukas Dreger, 2016). This includes that a person who has completed the self-guided course, Level 1:
    • can conceive of more options for dealing with a problem;
    • becomes more confident;
    • becomes more active and energetic;
    • gets more ideas;
    • is more self-assured in new situations;
    • can think of more alternatives to taking action;
    • has more self-confidence.

The Trilogos®Foundation may also fund universities, universities of applied science or other institutions of higher learning (e.g., teacher training colleges, IAP, art academy) in carrying out the same types of projects.

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