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Purpose of Foundation

by Beat M. Barthold

In a world that changes ever more rapidly due to external influences and that places increasing demands on the individual, a return to the individual and his personal growth is of great importance for a peaceful coexistence.


After many years of working with the Trilogos®Method, the founder, together with the members of the board of trustees, came to the conclusion that scientific research in and dissemination of this method is in the interest of the general public. It is for this reason that Ms. Roethlisberger founded the Trilogos®Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation is to raise awareness of the importance of personality development and character formation, as well as of the impact of how we coexist and evolve as a society. The concrete mission and mandate of the Foundation is described in the Statutes of the Foundation (see the Annex).

The trustees and the entire Trilogos team are personally and selflessly dedicated to the achievement of the objectives stipulated in the framework of the mission of the Trilogos Foundation. The goal is to actively promote and consolidate the establishment of the Trilogos®Method with innovative projects (using the Trilogos®Method), initially in the areas of research, education and art.

In addition, the Trilogos®Foundation sees itself as a platform for the promotion of active solidarity, lived ethics and interpersonal contacts in the psycho-spiritual domain. Intensive trainings and workshops, consultations and coaching are offered and carried out on an ongoing basis.

The Foundation is not affiliated with any denomination or political party. Altruistic, it its operated exclusively, directly and transparently for charitable purposes. The Trilogos®Foundation and its projects stand for high quality and for ethical and moral principles such as being humble, earnest, humane, tolerant and having team spirit.

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