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Trilogos Poster Exhibition

Text: Michael Noah Weiss | Design: Gosia Warrink (

In 2013, the Trilogos®Foundation set out to design no less than 12 posters to represent the rationale behind the Trilogos®Method and its many possibilities.

The topics of the 12 posters:

  1. Inner growth - On the tree of life and human development
  2. Human potential - About the primordial power and the three Qs
  3. Perception training - Intuition: Imagination or Inspiration?
  4. Symbolic language - The most important foreign language in the world
  5. The unconscious and the spiritual world - Dream interpretation and consciousness training
  6. Mirror images - As inside, so outside
  7. Tools for self-help - Achieving competence in being human (PsyK) thanks to human intelligence (PsyQ)
  8. Personality and consciousness formation - Unconscious – Consciousness – Conscious
  9. School of life - our earth as a learning planet - Consciousness formation: Destiny and individuation
  10. Happiness - Peace, joy and well-being – in full responsibility for the greater whole
  11. Meaning and values in your everyday life - From co-creator to co-designer and fellow human being
  12. Trilogos - Trilogos Foundation – self-guided course – Trilogos reading groups

The exhibition is available for loan. For more information, please click here and send us a message.


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