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Walter Zink, priest and former theological director of studies at Leuenberg (Switzerland)

"The Trilogos courses on “training your perception and intuition” have enriched adult education"

"Most courses in adult education, especially in the vocational sector, impart specific knowledge and skills by working with, promoting and providing a targeted competence in cognitive intelligence (IQ) pertaining to the mental and action-oriented sphere. In that sense, such courses are a continuation of our conventional school experience into adulthood. Yet this entails the danger of one-sidedness and overspecialization.

A holistic way of learning that integrates cognitive knowledge into the process of living also includes emotional intelligence (EQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ). Indeed, this approach, applied by the Trilogos Method, ensures a strengthening of self-confidence (I am more than my IQ!) and the permanent consolidation of acquired knowledge and skills across different life situations and relationships. For the emotions are often in the way of the mind, and people who are spiritually impoverished, in other words, who see no meaning in life, are less likely to succeed professionally.

For this reason, knowledge about the interplay of mind, emotion and spirituality is crucial for learning and living together in a community. The Trilogos Method not only imparts this knowledge but also allows to, by means of exercises, absorb it. I consider the Trilogos®Method to be a valuable addition to adult education programs."

Walter Zink, priest and former theological director of studies at Leuenberg (Switzerland)
Spring 2015