A brief history of Trilogos

On the 5th of October in 1990 Linda Roethlisberger founds TRILOGOS – an independent and trans-confessional institute for personality- and consciousness development. In addition to a wide range of interdisciplinary lectures, seminars, workshops and counsels – often held in cooperation with experts from the fields of psychology, pedagogy, philosophy, theology, medicine as well as parascience – a multi-level education program is offered.

In 1995 the textbook »Der sinnliche Draht zur geistigen Welt« (transl.: »The Sensory Channel to the Spiritual World«) is published. It represents the basis for the didactical, exemplary teaching of the annual course »TRILOGOS basic course« (levels 1-3) which is held for the first time in this year and offered since annually.

In 1996 the first student starts with the advanced training program of certificate 1 which is part of the 3-level TRILOGOS diploma course. Furthermore, the first edition of »TRILOGOS Elementi«, the institute’s magazine, is published.

In 1997 the first examinee passes the exam of certificate 1 which is conducted by an external committee of experts. Moreover, Linda Roethlisberger founds the so-called TRILOGOS Club as a non-profit association to foster knowledge- and experience-sharing among people who are interested in consciousness development.

On the 11th of May in 1999 TRILOGOS is registered as a so-called GmbH in the company register of Switzerland. The founding members are Prof. Dr. jur. Jörg Rehberg, Dr. jur. Stefan Flachsmann and Linda Roethlisberger.

Shortly afterwards Linda Roethlisberger registers the term PsyQ® as a trademark in many European countries as well as in the US and in China. PsyQ® is the abbreviation for the combination of IQ (rational intelligence), EQ (emotional intelligence) and SQ (spiritual intelligence) and is therefore also called the psychodynamic intelligence. To illustrate this combination the formula »IQ+EQ+SQ=PsyQ®« is developed. This formula also serves as basis for the Trilogos® method.

In 1997 the first examinee passes the exam of certificate 2, which is conducted by an external committee of experts.

In 2004 the first diploma thesis in which the Trilogos® method plays a major role is successfully submitted at the University of Vienna. This thesis is published in the same year with the title »Kann Spiritualität wissenschaftlich sein?« (transl.: »Is spirituality capable of being scientific?«) by Dr. Kovač Publishing in Hamburg. On the 9th of December in 2004 the TRILOGOS Club is dissolved in favor of a new international association called »PsyQ®Netz«.

In 2005 the annual course »TRILOGOS Basic Course«, taught and developed by Linda Roethlisberger, is for the first time offered and organized by the Leuenberg center, a convention center of the Swiss Reformed Church in Hölstein/Switzerland. This course is then annually offered by the Leuenberg center (for adult education) until 2011.

In 2006 the exercise book »Intuition ist erlernbar« (transl.: »Intuition is learnable«) is published by Hugendubel Publishing. In addition, the book »Trilogos-PsyQ®Methode« is published by Peter Lang Publishing, a publisher of scientific books. Both books have been written by Linda Roethlisberger to extend the teaching materials on the Trilogos® method.

In 2007 the first doctoral thesis in which the Trilogos® Method plays a major role is successfully submitted at the University of Vienna. In this year Linda Roethlisberger founds TRILOGOS Publishing.

In 2008 the first books of the interdisciplinary research series »IN_SPIRIT«, which is a series of TRILOGOS Publishing, are published by Michael Weiss. Several books of Linda Roethlisberger are translated into Dutch, Hungarian, Russian and Lithuanian.

In 2010 the book »Die Entdeckung des PsyQ« (transl.: »Discovering PsyQ«) is published by Via Nova Publishing. This book was written by Michael Weiss and edited by Linda Roethlisberger. Michael Weiss successfully submits this publication as diploma thesis for the Trilogos diploma course.

In 2012, Trilogos turns into a foundation, with Linda Vera Roethlisberger as its founder. Also in this year, Michael Weiss, as the first examinee, receives the Trilogos diploma by passing the exam of certificate 3, which is conducted by an external committee of experts.

Between 2012 and 2013 the autodidactic program “Im Kontakt mit der innere Stimme” (transl.: “In contact with the inner voice”) (Linda Vera Roethlisberger) is published in 3 volumes in German. This program is based on the “Trilogos basic course” and contains more than 60 audio exercises as well as over 2000 pages with reading material.

In 2016, effects of the Trilogos method are confirmed scientifically by the University of Vienna. By means of empirical studies (i.e. with the WHOQOL 100), conducted at the Faculty of Psychology, significant improvements in various areas of life are verified.

In 2017 Linda Roethlisberger and her team begin to offer her services in the US as an adjunct to the services provided by Sharon Griggs and her organization, Coaching for Leadership and Change.