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Home study

In Touch With Your Inner Voice, levels 1‒3, by Linda Vera Roethlisberger, is a self-guided course that allows you to develop your own personality in relation to your everyday life (health, relationships, work) and to train your consciousness.

It is designed such that you may learn it independently and alone. Be courageous and take the first step! *

The three levels of this self-guided course are comprised of about 60 audio exercises, instructions for the evaluation and short theoretical content descriptions.

If you are not yet sure whether the self-guided course is the right course for you, you can download one free e-book, including the audio exercise of one unit of Level 1 in the “Self-guided Learning” section. 

Alternatively, or additionally, you can also work through the first textbook by Linda Vera Roethlisberger, Der sinnliche Draht zur geistigen Welt (The Sensory Channel to the Spiritual World) at home, available in German language.

* If in doubt, check with your doctor, psychotherapist or psychologist to see whether this self-guided course is right for you. The Trilogos®Foundation cannot take responsibility for you in this regard.

In Touch With Your Inner Voice | Level 1
In Touch With Your Inner Voice | Level 2
In Touch With Your Inner Voice | Level 3

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