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TRILOGOS Institute (at first sole proprietorship, then limited liability company) 1990‒2012. TRILOGOS Foundation since 2012.

We are a future-oriented, open and modern institution that is dedicated to conveying the joy of learning about our “human beingness” and that is eager to continually learn itself.

Self-guided course  
In Touch With Your Inner Voice (Levels 1-3)

by Linda Vera Roehtlisberger

The Trilogos Basic Training, standardized since 1996, has been available as of December 2012 in the form of the self-guided course (including audio) In Touch With Your Inner Voice (Levels 1‒3) by Linda Vera Roethlisberger. It can be done on a self-study basis at home and or together with others in reading and exchange groups (see Events) or as part of continuing education modules.

We view the Trilogos®Method as a method for personality and consciousness training that has as its core a fundamental engagement with our personal existence. Mediumistic capabilities or intuitive knowledge (intuition), which all humans inherently possess, as well as the power of the imagination and the ability to receive inspirations serve as tools in that effort. We therefore see the Trilogos®Method as an existentialist “basic supply technique,” seeing that it allows to discover existentialist resources for personality and character formation.

With our training offer we appeal to people of all professional groups who are interested in the development of their social, human competence (PsyK).

We help those who are interested in becoming and remaining who they are through targeted support in group or individual sessions (see Events).

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