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Working with the Trilogos®Method

Reasons for working with the Trilogos®Method

You know that ...

  • you are applying skills in your everyday life;
  • you have a self-assured presence thanks to your strengths;
  • you have talents hidden inside you;
  • you have weaknesses.

You’ve experienced ...

  • disagreements with other people;
  • job dissatisfaction;
  • conflicts between “head and heart”;
  • imbalances in your physical or mental health.

Prerequisites for working with the Trilogos®Method

You want to ...

  • get to know yourself better;
  • understand your own behavior better;
  • become better at responsible decision-making;
  • become better at mastering your everyday life.

You need ...

  • a lot of good will;
  • ample curiosity about yourself;
  • the courage to confront yourself again and again;
  • stamina, discipline and patience – things aren’t always easy!

You have to be ready to ...

  • engage in process work;
  • follow the exercises (by reading or listening) as best as possible;
  • discontinue your participation in an exercise if you aren’t feeling well;
  • take responsibility for what you perceived;
  • ask for help if you encounter difficulties.

Objectives and uses of working with the Trilogos®Method

“Know thyself.” You ...

  • train your consciousness;
  • form your consciousness and your conscience;
  • improve your perception;
  • evaluate your own self-assessment;
  • develop your personality;
  • strengthen your link to your essential core;
  • assume responsibility for yourself as part of society.


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