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At a glance

The Trilogos®Method is ...

  • a self-guided course with theory and practice - developed by Linda Vera Roethlisberger
  • independent and not affiliated with any faith or political party
  • a method for training our personality and consciousness
  • a self-help tool - be it when working in a group or alone

Empirical studies have shown that the Trilogos®Method...

  • improves the subjective quality of life (according to WHOQOL 100)
  • mitigates the way we experience stress
  • strengthens our ability to deal with stress
  • improves our perception of our own capabilities

For more information on the relevant scientific-empirical studies, please click here

With the Trilogos®Method, you ...

  • train your perception as well as your intuition (mediumistic skills);
  • expand your consciousness: you build your awareness and your conscience;
  • create advanced references to your own everyday life;
  • experience your responsible process of individuation within a social environment.

The Trilogos®Method is based on the Trilogos formula:    IQ+EQ+SQ = PsyQ

  • IQ:    What do I think? – I explore my world of thoughts.
  • EQ:   What do I feel? – I explore my emotional world.
  • SQ:   What do I believe? What do I trust? – I explore my faith and my trust.
  • PsyQ: I develop my human potential (PsyQ) within the meaning of a global ethic.

The benefits of training your human potential (PsyQ) with the applied Trilogos®Method ...


  • strengthen and/or heal your primal trust and thereby your confidence in yourself.
  • find, recognize and remove personal barriers.
  • liberate yourself from your shadow sides (you part with antiquated convictions).
  • choose and decide on which frame of mind you adopt.
  • find and maintain your inner balance.
  • train your capacity for empathy and expand your social competence.
  • become motivated to take charge of your everyday life on a continual basis.
  • learn to make decisions in a more responsible manner.
  • form your character, conscience and personality.


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