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Trilogos® – Training and Goals

“Once a man has found himself there is nothing in this world that he can lose” (Stefan Zweig)

Challenging situations in everyday life – triggered by our health, relationships or work life – can prompt us to question and probe into ourselves and our world. Who wouldn’t want to gain insights about themselves as a way to make it easier to lead a more enjoyable and responsible life?

PsyQ® – our human potential, our psychodynamic, psycho-spiritual intelligence – is the connection between thinking (IQ = rationality), feeling (EQ = emotionality) and faith/trust (SQ = spirituality). Each and every one of us has these three basic skills. They can be holistically trained and their connection can be strengthened. Thanks to intuition, they can also be acquired to enhance our “inner maturity” in practice. All this can be done individually (consulting sessions or coaching according to the Trilogos®Method) or together with others, as part of a group (reading, experience and exchange groups, Trilogos®Method trainings as well as intensive trainings, workshops, roundtables, etc.) (see Events). By training our PsyQ we train not only our intuitive perception but also our personality in relation to our personal health, relationships and work life.

The I, which pushes its limits again and again with its ego forces in everyday life, is looking for explanations.

The trilogical Training allows to

  • Experience the three levels of consciousness (the psychologically intrapersonal, intuitively interpersonal, and spiritually transpersonal) in relation to oneself – according to one’s own essential dispositions as well as one’s own level of consciousness and education.
  • Recognize the causes of these limits.
  • Maintain dialogue with the personal conscience and promote the conscious development of mediumistic facilities (consciousness training) in relation to everyday life (psycho-spiritual development, personality formation).
  • Implementing impulses prompted by insights through self-reflection, self-knowledge, judgments and decisions in everyday life, in turn facilitating the finding of meaning.
  • Self-confidence, self-assurance and changes of structures gain a new status.
  • Master the challenges of life with greater ease and consciousness.
  • Congruence, authenticity and truthfulness in peaceful coexistence become the goal – according to the motto “There are as many interpretations of the truth as there are people.”

The trilogical training (integral training method for personality and consciousness development as well as exemplary lesson plan) is based on various scientific approaches. It mainly integrates methods and insights from existential as well as transpersonal psychology, catathymic-imaginative psychotherapy, dream and trauma interpretation, autogenic training as well as ethics and humanistic and practice-oriented philosophy. The Trilogos®Method also uses, connects and expands approaches to ancient wisdom teachings (such as Philosophia Perennis) and theology and provides new, innovative bridges to health for psychotherapists and medical practitioners.

Objectives of this training

  • Discover our own “divine spark.”
  • Get to know our own perception (mediumistic dispositions, contact with our inner voice, pictorial and symbolic language).
  • Search for inner freedom and ways of confronting and dealing with issues.
  • Find and implement meaning.
  • Exploring our own thoughts and their origins (convictions, beliefs, patterns, dreams and their traumas, projections, confusions) in relation to our current life situation.
  • Explore our own powers (imagination – intuition or inspiration?); learning and implementing psychic and spiritual mediality “tri-logically” for transformation.
  • Admit and engage with knowledge about ourselves through “practical philosophy” and “transpersonal psychology.”
  • Make use of the Trilogos®Method as an essential navigation tool and psychic fitness training; engage in independent supervision of our own self-assessment.
  • Recognize our own truth; be a responsible co-creator.
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