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In Touch With Your Inner Voice | Level 3

PsyQ® Training for personality and consciousness formation, Level 3






Author: Linda Vera Roethlisberger


1. Edition 2013
incl. 2 CDs (mp3) with 22 guided Meditations, 833 pages, Hardcover, 19x25 cm
This book is available in German Language only.

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ISBN: 978-3-86386-510-8

in 6 courses on

“Trilogos: A promising, well-reflected, clever and well-proven method for building, furnishing, appreciating and cherishing your ‘big house’ as well as for being able to make a highly competent contribution to its conversion. With Trilogos, Linda Roethlisberger continues to holistically pursue humanistic-existential anthropology.”

Germain Weber, Associate Professor, University of Vienna

Humans are social beings: In relationships with others and their environment, they experience the full gamut of feelings from love to hatred (EQ), in exchange with others the creative as well as destructive power of the mind (IQ), and in the universal connectedness their ownmost spirituality (SQ).

Those who work holistically with the tools of the Trilogos®Method develop a deeper understanding of themselves and thus of their fellow human beings. They learn to discover their true potential on the basis of their intellect, feelings and spirituality as a resource, to draw from it and to evolve above and beyond it.   

Accordingly, the six lessons of this self-guided Level 3 course deal with the convictions, dispositions and habits of the individual, with judgments, prejudices and assessments, the formation of personality, consciousness and knowledge, and thereby the conscience of humans. Guided by the triad faith‒love‒hope, the individual advances in his path toward integration and cooperation. In other words, the individual becomes a true fellow human being, a bearer of hope for a peaceful coexistence in mutual respect and cooperative, healing devotion.

In Touch With Your Inner Voice
Level 3

With this book you may

  • discover your individual symbolic language,
  • train your perception, intuition and mediality,
  • train mediumistic feeling, smelling, knowing, seeing and hearing,
  • learn about aura reading, channeling and spiritual healing, and
  • recognize and use your true potential

Includes 20 guided meditations on 2 CDs (mp3, 10 hours)

The book is available in German Language only at the moment, English Language as E-book Version will be available soon.



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