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Decisions and patience

Have you ever thought about how time-consuming decisions are? And by that I mean the everyday decisions, like buying a light bulb, deodorant or toothpaste. Products are expected to be innovating at all times and, more important even than being better, more easily sellable with new packaging. We all have our “favorite picks.” And when we go to purchase them, we make sure to have jotted down the exact product name or to take along the empty packaging.

As long as it’s just little things, we don’t think much about it. It gets more difficult, however, with larger purchases. Once we’ve decided, we tend to stick with the “old.”

Decisions that will have an impact on our lives call for good consultants – and intuition. Who wouldn’t long for clarity and clear answers? Patience plays an important role, especially in Far Eastern philosophies. As Confucius said: Those who don’t have patience with small things are bound to fail with big projects.

Unfortunately, we have lost this quality more than we would like to admit. Nonetheless, we have the opportunity to train and reacquire patience such that it again comes naturally from our inner self-confidence, as do our other actions and habits. The Trilogos®Method provides you with the necessary knowledge for embarking on this challenge and makes the perfect fall read.

With kind regards,
Waltraud Heigl