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The description of the TRILOGOS Method

NEW: Brochure in German and English

We—the core team members of the TRILOGOS Foundation—have often asked ourselves how we might best describe and present the TRILOGOS®Method to others in a clear and concise way. Those who’ve read Linda Roethlisberger’s books or attended TRILOGOS®Trainings, TRILOGOS®Seminars or TRILOGOS®Consultations will know what the Trilogos Method is about in practical terms. They’ll also have an idea, namely from the exercises, of what the trainings can bring to the surface from their personal subconscious and how this can contribute to improving their own life.

Many newcomers, however, can’t quite conceive of the depth of what awaits them in positive life changes when doing trilogical work on and with themselves. This is understandable. When looking for offers for self-help or spiritual guidance on the internet, for example, it can be difficult to differentiate between the valuable from the less valuable methods out there.

As a result, Trilogos has fallen short of reaching some prospective people seeking help. In other words, we’ve failed to reach people due to the lack of a clear and concise presentation of what the TRILOGOS®Method is about and—even more importantly for the learner—of how regular, continuous training as a self-guided learner (see may benefit her or him and how the exercises are structured.

Following up with action, we are now pleased to present you an 8-page folded brochure with color illustrations summarizing the TRILOGOS®Method.

Click here to view the brochure.
(Please note that the brochure is in A4 format, meaning that it may appear on the screen smaller than the original brochure.)

To order original brochures for distribution, please contact the TRILOGOS secretariat by email at