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Mental magic

What would it take to save the world? Mental magic? Having a sure sense of what the other person thinks would be useful. Indeed, long-winded, polished speeches haven’t had their intended impact; promises aren’t kept; agreements aren’t abided by.

Stephen Hawking, the British astrophysicist and genius, succeeded in bringing theoretical physics to stardom. He died after an incredible, if challenging, life at the age of 76 following the complications of ALS, a disease that spares only the mind. He doubted that we, as humanity, would survive another 1000 years if we fail to leave our fragile planet by then.

Still, for the majority of us the world is much smaller; we look forward to spring and focus primarily on our personal wants and desires. Our task is to evolve and develop ourselves, and to channel fear and anger into constructive paths. Indeed, the human mind is capable of so much more than bringing about destruction! The body serves as a shell, but apparently we can navigate it with our thoughts.

The self-guided TRILOGOS course In Touch With Your Inner Voice, a PsyQ®Training for personality and consciousness formation by Linda Roethlisberger, offers an interesting complement to a status quo in which rationality prevails. Strive to find your purpose in life in order to “live the good life.”

The exceptional genius Hawking never lost his joie de vivre despite his suffering.
Let us embrace and engage in all the experiences that make for a “life well lived.”

With kind regards,
Waltraud Heigl

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